Lecture Response on Building and Maintaining Social Media Relationships

building relationships

Today, an accurate description for the lecture was given right at the very beginning: we discussed how “marketers build and manage relationships.”  This built well on the concept of trust discussed from last week because once we earn a potential client’s trust, what do we do with it then?  How do we interact with them in a way that maintains it?  If you read my blog posts from last week, a common theme you would have seen was consistency (I consistently spoke on consistency as a matter of fact).  After this lecture, I see that maintaining a good relationship with a follower or client can come in many different forms.


Similar to other lectures, Justin (@newsleader) gave us an example of a company that is doing a very good job at maintaining its relationships with customers.  KLM, a Dutch airline, has guaranteed that they will respond to all posts on social media within an hour.  This is an impressive feat and I commend KLM for having the ambitions to say they can get that job done.  From the examples that we saw, KLM seems to be doing a good job at making right on this promise.  Responding to every comment like this is not without its concerns and as business owners, you must be careful making this promise as it welcomes the negative and the positive comments alike.  As Justin pointed out, “KLM has changed its behavior (behaviour for authenticity) to become more people-focused.”


In my personal reflection on application of this subject for me, I had a lot to think about.  Justin asked us to describe how our voice would sound if our social media account was actually a real person.  Before today, I used to think that voice would have a bit of humor to it, but today, I am not so sure.  I think I am definitely a more “informative” voice on social media (@jakereuter10 on Twitter), but now I wonder if I have tried too hard to make that voice more comical than it really needs to be.  When someone comes to see me in my advising office, I am not immediately humorous with them.  They are not here for that.  Perhaps my social media life needs to be tweaked a little bit so that you come to me for the information and stay for the occasional laugh.  Maybe?


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