Exploring Kickstarter


The assignment for this week asked us to explore Kickstarter and find projects that might interest us.  This was actually not my first time visiting Kickstarter and I love it when some of their project get national news coverage.  There is a lot of power in crowdsourcing and some major ideas have come as a result of this platform.  Recently, Kickstarter reached quite a milestone as well when they announced that one billion dollars had been used to support various projects on the platform.

My favorite Kickstarter project is the Pebble watch.  The watch is considered one of the greatest success stories to come out of Kickstarter and shares the company of intriguing products such as Oculus Rift.  I personally own a Pebble watch (bought at Best Buy as I was too late to the party) and have been following the project for quite some time.  I can tell you that in my opinion, the Pebble watch is still the best smart watch in the market and the company has been able to achieve great things as a result of getting their “kick start” on Kickstarter. 

Other projects that currently intrigue me on Kickstarter include various home automation and electronics including a neat looking night light outlet plate and a phone stabilizer for taking photos.  I like that the projects were even available based on location and projects near me were displayed on the home page.  I do not really have any projects that I would like to get funded though I really would like to see a Seinfeld app that is constantly playing random episodes invented.  I don’t think Kickstarter is realy the place for this idea though however because there are copyright issues in play that I do not want to get involved in. 

Overall, I am really happy with Kickstarter and the social and cultural implications that it has going forward.  The platform is an excellent example of the power of the masses and the way that it inspires you to freely express your creativity should not be over looked.  I also like the way the platform allows the “cream to rise to the top” in the sense that if an idea is really good, it has the chance to “go viral” on the platform same as anything else.  Finally, the way that the platform connects consumers with the products around them is great in the sense that one can really feel like a part of an upcoming product and can share in the joy of triumphs while fearing the failure that could happen.