My Time with the H&M App


The assignment for this week asked us to download the Mobile App for a company and comment on the offerings for the app as well as the usefulness.  I decided to use the app from the store that I had most recently visited, H&M.  The company is already known for their high fashion and low prices, so I was not expecting much in terms of coupons and discounts.  The application was easy enough to find in the iOS App Store and the thumbnail featured the logo of the store on a white backdrop.  There was an indicator in the store that an iPad app was also available, but for the purposes of this review I will only be using the iPhone application.

Upon first opening the application, I was prompted with a request to send me push notifications.  As I do not see any reason where I would suddenly want to be apprised of the happenings with my H&M app, I declined this offer.  Once in the app, the user is defaulted into the “shop” tab which is displayed very similar to a magazine app.  The feel and usability is very similar to a fashion magazine and divided into easy to understand categories.  There is a section for “sale” items within the main page and this appears to be the extent of discounts offered within the app.  Shopping appears to be the main focus of this application and with the addition of an American online store last year, I can understand why this is a big focus.


Other features of the application include a place to be inspired by “looks” that H&M has created for different seasons.  Also, the ability to create a personal account and build outfits to save for later purchase is present.  Finally, the application features internal support should you have any questions while browsing the H&M line.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience on the H&M application.  Rather than trying to lure someone into the store with incentives, this application seems to want to supplement the shopping experience and allow users to be inspired at home.  I think this is a good idea for the brand as sometimes overly pushing incentives can seem tacky and counter-productive to H&M’s desire to be considered a high fashion brand.  I don’t see myself spending much time on the app going forward, but if I were more of a shopper, I probably would.

Do you think stores are missing out on opportunities for new customers by NOT including discount incentives on the application?

Do you shop in applications at all?  (Amazon, eBay, Target, etc.)


5 thoughts on “My Time with the H&M App

  1. It seems logical to me that stores would offer some kind of incentive to try out the app – even a 10% discount on something would be better than nothing. Perhaps they are taking the “why offer if we don’t have to” approach because they’re satisfied with the results they’re presently getting with the app? The outfit-building feature seems like it would be nice, too.

  2. It’s interesting that H&M has taken a Pinterest approach with their App, I have never seen that before. I am used to Apps that offer deals or more information as apposed to the opportunity to put together outfits and be inspired. I think thats very creative on their part. I am sure that they have a fair amount of traffic in store due to people “falling in love” with the outfits they pieced together in the app. I’m not surprised that there were no special deals offered through the app since they have a section dedicated to their in-store sales anyway but it would have been nice.

  3. Im surprised that they don’t have more of a shopping platform for their App! While it is pretty clever to engage their audience through outfit ideas and looks, Im curious to see how they calculate their ROI. I’ve shopped through apps such as Gilt and Amazon before so I would be inclined to purchase something through their app. I think this is an avenue that they are missing out on and should consider in the near future, especially since we’ve learned that mobile users are growing.

  4. Hey Jake,
    Usually I find that I will patronize a business more often if their apps offer me incentives/coupons. For example, I downloaded the Dunkin’ Donuts app after a location closer to my home was built. Beforehand, I was a very loyal Starbucks customer. Yet they don’t offer as many discounts on a regular basis (a free drink for every 20 stars earned if you are a Gold card member). On the Dunkin’ app, I am constantly getting new discounts flowing in. I may not use all of them, but it’s a great incentive to go to DD. Like others before me have said, it would seem to make sense if H&M offered at least some discounts to customers. I don’t really shop in apps, at least not yet. I think I purchased movie tickets one time from the Fandango app, but that’s about it.

  5. Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments! I have since deleted my H&M app as I just don’t think it is something that I will continue to use going forward. I try not to have too many apps because as I mentioned in another comment, every app is a potential distraction for me. H&M has a great layout and its nice to be able to shop their website on my phone in the app, but with clothes, I usually don’t like to gamble with buying online. I’m 6’4″ and buying clothes is always a hassle, so I need the ability to try things on. My in app shopping, it appears, will continue to stay with Amazon and eBay for now.

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