My OCD Experience and thoughts on IMC for OCD


Company Analysis

            The OCD Experience is best described as exactly that: an experience.  Justin Klosky, Founder, Creative Director, and prominent face for the company has built a brand that revolves around helping people find the more organized and efficient version of themselves through the creation of a desire to “Organize and Create Discipline” or OCD.  High profile clients such as Sharon Osborne, Ryan Pickett of the Green Bay Packers, and others bear witness to the effectiveness of such techniques and are featured in testimonials on the website.  OCD’s target audience appears to be anyone that would benefit from a transformation out of their Imagecluttered lives and into something a little more organized.  The strength of the company, in my opinion, revolves around Justin and his personality and appearance.  As a company that is selling essentially “cleanliness” and “organization,” Justin is a very appropriate face and his personality and charm from the videos on his website as well as the clip reels he put together are great and create someone who certainly appears at first glance to be an expert in their field.  Weaknesses or opportunities for improvement in my opinion largely revolve around a need to be a little more integrated in the overall marketing approach in a way that promotes the personality and expertise of the brand.  Because the company is all about organization and consistency, a slightly more recognizable and consistent brand is suggested; and further, should do a better job of highlighting the great personality of its founder.   OCD is in a fortunate position in that the brand or voice should sound just like its founder, so they need to be utilizing a consistent brand on all channels so that voice has the opportunity to be introduced to as many different people as possible.  Welcome potential new clients to the brand by welcoming them to feel like they are meeting “Justin Klosky AND the OCD Experience,” rather than “Justin Klosky FROM the OCD Experience.”

            Overall, I was very impressed with my OCD Experience.  The company is a great idea and the founder and face of the company is perfectly represented by Justin.  The branding is present through a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing logo that matches the color palette used throughout the multiple channels employed by OCD.  Videos and links on the website are all functioning and helpful for navigating the experience as well as being introduced to the face and personality of the company.  Going forward, I do think the personality needs to become more present and I have laid out details for an IMC campaign that would help the company engage with its audience on a more in depth level and in a way that creates new customers as well as keeping our current customers coming back.  I also would like to see the company become much more mobile, especially after converting to my website idea, if possible.  More people are accessing the internet today over mobile than ever before and OCD needs to make sure it keeps this in mind as it continues to grow.  Social media efforts also need to be heightened some, but only in ways that do not feel forced to the audience.  We are selling a personality and experience here and that personality has to be comfortable communicating on the platforms that it would like to participate in.  Once the social media and website have been changed, great analytics exist that help with tracking success online including Hootsuite and for example.  Finally, with the name being what it is and the logo being the shape it is, I think some merchandise might also be a good idea.  I really like the V neck shirt Justin wears in some of the videos and hope some of these have been printed for others to wear as a walking advertisement.  Thank you for reading my review and feedback and would welcome the opportunity to speak about any of these things further.  


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