My OCD Experience and thoughts on IMC for OCD


Company Analysis

            The OCD Experience is best described as exactly that: an experience.  Justin Klosky, Founder, Creative Director, and prominent face for the company has built a brand that revolves around helping people find the more organized and efficient version of themselves through the creation of a desire to “Organize and Create Discipline” or OCD.  High profile clients such as Sharon Osborne, Ryan Pickett of the Green Bay Packers, and others bear witness to the effectiveness of such techniques and are featured in testimonials on the website.  OCD’s target audience appears to be anyone that would benefit from a transformation out of their Imagecluttered lives and into something a little more organized.  The strength of the company, in my opinion, revolves around Justin and his personality and appearance.  As a company that is selling essentially “cleanliness” and “organization,” Justin is a very appropriate face and his personality and charm from the videos on his website as well as the clip reels he put together are great and create someone who certainly appears at first glance to be an expert in their field.  Weaknesses or opportunities for improvement in my opinion largely revolve around a need to be a little more integrated in the overall marketing approach in a way that promotes the personality and expertise of the brand.  Because the company is all about organization and consistency, a slightly more recognizable and consistent brand is suggested; and further, should do a better job of highlighting the great personality of its founder.   OCD is in a fortunate position in that the brand or voice should sound just like its founder, so they need to be utilizing a consistent brand on all channels so that voice has the opportunity to be introduced to as many different people as possible.  Welcome potential new clients to the brand by welcoming them to feel like they are meeting “Justin Klosky AND the OCD Experience,” rather than “Justin Klosky FROM the OCD Experience.”

            Overall, I was very impressed with my OCD Experience.  The company is a great idea and the founder and face of the company is perfectly represented by Justin.  The branding is present through a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing logo that matches the color palette used throughout the multiple channels employed by OCD.  Videos and links on the website are all functioning and helpful for navigating the experience as well as being introduced to the face and personality of the company.  Going forward, I do think the personality needs to become more present and I have laid out details for an IMC campaign that would help the company engage with its audience on a more in depth level and in a way that creates new customers as well as keeping our current customers coming back.  I also would like to see the company become much more mobile, especially after converting to my website idea, if possible.  More people are accessing the internet today over mobile than ever before and OCD needs to make sure it keeps this in mind as it continues to grow.  Social media efforts also need to be heightened some, but only in ways that do not feel forced to the audience.  We are selling a personality and experience here and that personality has to be comfortable communicating on the platforms that it would like to participate in.  Once the social media and website have been changed, great analytics exist that help with tracking success online including Hootsuite and for example.  Finally, with the name being what it is and the logo being the shape it is, I think some merchandise might also be a good idea.  I really like the V neck shirt Justin wears in some of the videos and hope some of these have been printed for others to wear as a walking advertisement.  Thank you for reading my review and feedback and would welcome the opportunity to speak about any of these things further.  


Analysis of Facebook Analytics for ABC Company


                Facebook analytics often offer a keen insight into the performance of our social media efforts and allow us to view metrics that help for making improvements and increasing engagement with our audience.  An example of the analytics for ABC company and their activities on Facebook were provided to us and allow us to see what has been successful for the company and where they could stand to make improvements.   Analytics are available free to the administrator of a company or business page.

                The first aspect of note with this set of analytics is that the company appears to have pretty steady performance as far as its engagement and content posts are concerned.  They have 880 likes and therefore are connected to as many as 340,000+ through friends of friends.  They are down in the “people talking about this” metric, by quite a lot and could maybe look to increase this number by creating more engaging posts that encourage followers to comment and feel like an important part of the social media efforts.  Further, well over half (60%) of the viewers of the page are female.  This metric may be indicative of the field as a whole, but could be an opportunity for improvement for the company by increasing male engagement and appealing to an audience that they do not currently appeal to.  The next statistic of note is the success of some of the posts the company has made.  The ones with the best success appear to come when there is an abrupt calling to action or challenge for the audience.  Words like “join us” and “take a moment” have better success than when the company made posts such as “hope you had a wonderful month of May.”  While it may seem counter-intuitive to load a page up with content that has calls to action for fear of sounding “pushy,” the analytics are evidence that these are the best types of performing content on the page and should perhaps be increased in their efforts.  Also, the page seems to have the most success with cities on the east coast of the country and that could be due to a timing issue of posts.  Going forward, I would make sure that posts are made that are at good times for west coast viewers and take advantage of higher traffic times for that demographic of audience. 

                The other channels can certainly play a role in boosting the results for the Facebook page.  For example, the company needs to first make sure that their social media is as social as possible.  Meaning that links back to the other platforms needs to be apparent and perhaps should be encouraged on the non-Facebook platforms.  Further, social links could be placed at the top and bottom of every post made on the other platforms so that users are encouraged to share on multiple platforms.  Finally, some kind of contest that ties all of the channels together could be a great idea for a future campaign.  The followers of this page seem to engage the most with call to action posts so perhaps creating some form of contest that ties all the social pages together would be a great way to increase engagement and raise the awareness of the presence on other social media platforms.  

Yeah, yeah Social Media is everywhere, but what about me?


          I think the big takeaway for the readings this week is the challenge to look at our individual lives and recognize the way social media has bridged the gap between us and our constituents.  As one article pointed out, this change can be evidenced in something as fundamental as an understanding the impact of our social media presence in terms of applying for a new job, or it can be much more complex and involve changing the terms within which major journalism outlets acquire information.  As students of social media, we need to find where the impact of social media affects us and acknowledge that impact as we move forward. 

            Social media is a powerful tool, and as brand owners, we have to decide how the platform can best suit our needs.  One of the readings this asked if social media is advertising or PR and broke down the ways the platform could actually be both.  In fact, while it would make sense to assume that social media is pre-dominantly concerned with the PR aspect of business, the article points out the fact that more and more people are using social media to be aware of new products and promotions.  As a brand, we have to decide what the central mission of our social media efforts will be and who is responsible for maintaining the brand while being a presence on social media.  As another article pointed out, this decision is not one that can be “given away” to a qualified social media expert.  The brand has to be unique to the company and efforts should reflect the company in addition to the social media content creator. 

            Social media has also changed the way users acquire journalistic-type information.  Many people say they no longer trust major news platforms and actually prefer to read over major stories from social media sites.  As social media students, we have to understand the impact of this mentality and adapt our strategies based on that knowledge.  Journalists now have to find their own place within the social media world while still maintaining some of the guidelines and principals linked previously.  (accompanying infographic)

Where is your place in social media?  How does the platform impact your daily operations?

Do you have more than one social media account for different “versions” of yourself?

Is journalistic integrity at risk in the paradigm shift of social media importance?

Two Hypothetical Social Media Feedback Responses




Thank you for providing us with feedback on your stay in our hotel during the month of September.  We here at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale value our customer feedback above all else and appreciate you taking the time to share with us. 


I apologize that you did not feel that our furnishings were up to the standard that you have come to expect from Hilton Hotels.  We are constantly working to improve our hotel and I have forwarded your feedback to the Planning and Budget Manager, Frank Coraci, personally.  Further, your feedback on the general upkeep and cleanliness of your room has been forward to our Director of Housekeeping and I’m assured that that feedback will not go unheard.


I would like to get in touch with you personally so that i can help to ensure that your next stay at any of our Hilton Hotels is a memorable experience at the quality level that you have come to expect from Hilton.  We pride ourselves on our customers’ feedback and yours is no exception.  I look forward to speaking with you personally and having the opportunity to restore your faith in the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina.  


Jake Stresen-Reuter

Director of PR and Social Media

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina



Dear Travelwith3kiddos,


Thank you for your feedback regarding your August stay at our hotel.  The fact that you would choose our hotel for a second stay after your business stay means a lot to us and we are glad that we were able to maintain the quality of experience that you have come to expect from The Peabody.  


I am sorry that our pool was dirty after the rain storm and have actually forwarded your feedback to our pool maintenance manager, Antonio Faruqua.  He has informed me that he is aware of the problem and is working to create a schedule with his staff that will prioritize pool clean up immediately following a storm.


Finally, that you for your feedback regarding the price of parking.  There are many outside fees and costs associated with maintaining our parking services, but we are constantly looking for ways to alleviate any costs to our guests whenever possible and parking is an area of focus for us.  Please contact me directly before your next stay and I will see if there is a way I can maybe make the financial burden of parking a little lighter for your next stay as a valued guest.  Thank you again and please let me know if there is anything else we can help with.


Jake Stresen Reuter

Director of PR and Social Media

The Peabody