Why Social Media? …And How Do I Know I’m Doing It Right?


If you have ever asked yourself either of these questions, let me start by telling you I completely understand.  Social media can seem like a self-perpetuating society of sorts where rather than actually connecting and interacting with people in real life, we are actually just interacting with our computer and smartphone screens.  The truth is however, as one article pointed out in the readings this week, that social media is actually bringing us closer together and in a world of busy calendars and commutes to work, social media allows us to connect with people we may not have any other opportunity to connect with.  Just because our family is now miles away as a result of a new job, doesn’t mean we can no longer have meaningful connections with them.  In fact, because of social media, we can have interactions on an in depth level despite the fact that they are miles away.  Social media brings out the humanity in us all as well as we discussed various charity campaigns that have had a presence exclusively on social media.  Hopefully, by now you are also starting to make the connections of how this could be exponentially beneficial to business, other than for the common reason of “everyone else is doing it.”

            Social media allows businesses to interact with their clients without having to be limited to them “walking in the door” first.  Often times, social media will lead to a new visit to a website simply because a friend of a friend made a comment on our page.  Further, social media allows us to understand our clientele and appreciate their feedback as we build marketing campaigns.  Finally, social media allows us to be “in the moment” with our clients.  Want to know what your client’s favorite part about their experience with your company has been?  Ask the question in a status.  But, how do we know when we areImage successful on social media?  Without the ability to count a return on investment, it can be difficult to know if we are being successful in our social media efforts.  The problem, as an article points out is when we try to connect social media to a defined financial return.  Social media should have its own pre-determined goals, and those goals cannot always be measured in how much money is being made.  In order to be successful on social media, we have to be willing to look at our overall mission and decide how social media is going to better help us communicate that mission to our viewers. 

Is there a social media charity campaign that you have thought was particularly effective?

Is social media REALLY bringing us closer together?

How do you know when you are “doing it right” on social?


4 thoughts on “Why Social Media? …And How Do I Know I’m Doing It Right?

  1. I definitely think social media is bringing us closer together. I can connect with someone an entire world away and feel like we are just inches apart. Seeing status updates from my close friends might keep me informed on their lives enough to not call them as much. I feel like I’m a part of their lives as it is happening instead of finding out the same information in a once a week or once a month phone call.

    I think you know when you’re doing it right on social media when you’re meeting the goal you set for yourself. Everyone is going to have a different goal and want to achieve different things. A success for one company won’t work for another. So there’s no right or wrong way on social media because it can be completely tailored to your audience and what they want. If a company is getting the engagement and brand awareness that they want, then they would say they are doing it right.

  2. I have no doubt it’s bringing us closer. Look at the engagement we’ve had with our class. We have all come together and have really offered a lot of support to one other. It gave us the proper platform to do so. It’s where we socialize with friends we already know so it was only natural for us to be able to communicate with each other in the same friendly tone. I’ve relied on many of you for advice and answers and I have never been let down.

    I agree with Stacy that “doing it right” might mean different things depending on your goals. As long as you actually set a goal, you should be able to see if you’re able to meet those goals. However, most of it really comes down to engagement. If you don’t engage well through your social media, most goals will go unmet.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I’m surprised you both seem pretty certain in the fact that social media brings us closer. I guess a follow up scenario/question would be when you see people at the dinner table with their eyes on their phones rather than the person across from them. Do we miss out on opportunities to connect even deeper because we are choosing to have a social media level connection with many people at once?

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