Social Media Analytics are NOT Just Assessment!


           Before today, I assumed that if I ever used analytics for social media, it would exclusively be to track the success of content that I put out.  I assumed that if I tweeted a link to an article, I might one day go back and use analytics to see if that article was actually read, and then make adjustments to my content creation in order to try and create more engagement.  Today, I realize that analytics are much more important than that and could be used throughout the entire marketing process on social media.  In addition to being a means for assessing the success of our data, analytics also allows us to define our goals and impact location on social media before we even get started. 

            As one of the readings pointed out, analytics gives you the opportunity to learn more about your potential clients and what they are talking about on social as it relates to your product.  The fiberglass company example was given in the readings and although the social media consultants didn’t know anything about fiberglass before meeting with a company, using analytics they were able to learn what people were talking about within the fiberglass market and actually teach something to the company that they had not known before.  This is a great example of the way social media analytics can be helpful even before content is created. 

            Once we are ready to create content, analytics and other software allows us to schedule posts and track their engagement from one platform.  We read about many different platforms and the benefits they have, in addition to the important effect that they will have on your budget.  Other ways that we can use analytics were discussed and it was quite impressive to see how in depth these analytic services can really get as it relates to tracking engagement with your content. 

            However, my favorite article of the week pointed out the fact that we must not lose sight of our customers; and we need to remember that if we are meeting their needs, they will eventually be worth our investment.  With social media analytics, it can become very easy to remain focused on the results and tracking how many clicks, or likes, or comments that we receive.  While this is certainly valuable data and noteworthy because of its precision, we must not lose sight of our customers and their needs and remember that we are creating content for them.  Analytics can help us through many different aspects of social media and content and we should be mindful of where they can benefit us most now in addition to the future.    

How do you currently use analytics (if at all) to help your social media efforts?

What new opportunities for using analytics have you discovered?.



4 thoughts on “Social Media Analytics are NOT Just Assessment!

  1. Hi Jake,
    At this point I don’t use analytics since my engagement is so small I can easily keep track of what is going on and I can make sure I notice who is sharing what. However, I know that as influence and engagement grows that will be harder to track which is why I think some of these tools are really great. I think that they can be a big help in figuring out social media strategy. For instance, if I get 3 shares on Facebook but none on Twitter, I can try to figure out what didn’t work and try something new instead. I do agree about your favorite article, that one was my favorite too. I think it is important to remember customers and potential customers and always focus on responding to engagement instead of just patting yourself on the back. Great post!

  2. Jake- In my job, we use analytics every single day. My office actually created an analytics tool called Watchtower. We sell the tool on it’s own for businesses to use, and we use the tool ourself to post to social media sites for our clients. During the first few months of my job, I used the analytics tool to a tee. I posted accordingly. After gaining some experience, I use the tool to inform me, not make the final decision. I think analytics is great, but I don’t think it should be the final decision maker.

  3. Hey Jake,
    I do currently use social media analytics to asses how my accounts are doing on platforms. I haven’t incorporated it entirely into my strategy because I still feel I have more to learn about it, as well analytic tools to experiment with. There are a bunch out there and I think it’s important to find the one or select few that work best for your brand.
    With the use of analytics I’ve discovered that I actually experience the most interaction on Instagram, which is odd because I always assumed it was Facebook. I now adjusted my strategy that I use on Instagram to my other platforms in hopes I get new opportunities at success.
    Well thought out blog post, I enjoyed it.

  4. Currently, I only use for my personal accounts. My company hasn’t really gotten rolling on our Social plan. Once we do, I’m pretty sure after a bit of a learning curve for me we’ll take on Hootsuite.

    I definitely know that analytics is an important part of social media, I’m just still not exactly certain about how to go about beginning or even where to start, which is one of my major reasons for taking this class. One thing I have learned is that there is not wading in slowly when it comes to anything with social media, you’ve got to jump in with both feet first.

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