Teachers need to be on eduClipper!


            eduClipper is an online social network where students and teachers meet to share resources and other materials in a Pinterest like format.  The platform is geared toward Kindergarten through 12th grade and was designed by Adam Bellow, a former high school English teacher.  The website looks and runs very similar to Pinterest, but because your profile and related content can be customized to the grade level that you teach, eduClipper allows for all the great features of Pinterest but with the added benefit of being more socially specific within the educational realm.  Teachers can even create groups for their classes and share specific content to a group of students by simply distributing an eduClipper-generated code associated with the content, therefore allowing the students to connect with the materials.  I think this platform is important because it maximizes the educational benefit of a social network such as Pinterest, and allows teachers and students to connect without the distractions associated with a larger social network. Image

            I have to say, before I discovered eduClipper, I was ready to make a post completely bashing the idea of industry specific social networks.  I felt like if social networks were doing their job correctly, they would always be the best place for people to connect within an industry because the audience was built in.  For an industry to have a successful social media platform, they would need to build an audience, and I just assumed that would be too difficult a task to justify the effort for a specific population.  I was actually going to suggest the idea of message boards as the only viable industry based solution to connecting and sharing ideas.  Now, because of eduClipper, I have changed my thoughts on these platforms and actually feel the beauty of the platform is that it is more specific to a certain population.  The best example of this is the fact that eduClipper allows you to define the grade you teach in your profile, assumingly as a content filter of sorts.  Further, eduClipper allows you to connect with your classroom by setting up “Clipboards” that you can share with a class simply by giving them the code eduClipper creates associated with that board. 

            Education is an industry that makes it difficult to include a proximity marketing plan and I’m not very sure that eduClipper could really benefit by allowing connections on a location based level any better than they already do.   I think the only way proximity marketing ideas could be incorporated within this model then would be a way of allowing administrators to perhaps connect with the school as a whole.  For example, the principal could decide to host some sort of reading contest for each classroom to pin reading responses to their classroom’s “Clipboard” and the class that collected the most book reviews would win.  Finally, I think Facebook could work well with this platform, but only in the sense that a 


student can be a member of their eduClipper class on both platforms and maybe share content throughout.  I fear there are too many distractions on other social sites that are avoided through the use of eduClipper and trying to bring in too many other channels could be risky.  Overall, I was very pleased with my experience with eduClipper and actually may have already converted my Kindergarten teacher wife to the platform. 



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