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unnamedWeek 7 Reading Response

The readings for this week took our knowledge of social media and content and built on it by introducing us to services such as Vine and Pinterest.  These services have taken the concept of content communities and turned them into major social media fixtures that are receiving new traffic and growth at a very impressive rate.  Not to be outdone, YouTube was also discussed this week and the way it has evolved to meet consumer need since its early inception.  The resulting engagement with these new content based social communities has created the rise of a new type of media: Super Media!

Let’s start with YouTube and the changes it has made.  In an article about the future of youtube-for-ios-app-icon-full-sizeYouTube, we read of the strategy of making the platform as simple and accessible to as many people as possible.  YouTube is available on most phones and tablets today in addition to being able to be streamed on PCs.  Further, many mobile devices have the option of viewing YouTube videos with a home television and have continued to make this feature more accessible.  Additionally, on the social side, YouTube has made its service more personal through the ability to create themed channels and even “like” or comment on the videos of others.  This has resulted in much more engagement on the site and users staying on the site longer than ever before.  In some instances, YouTube is even surpassing Facebook in some elements of consumer engagement.  If your marketing sensors haven’t gone off in regards to YouTube and its ability to disperse your content effectively, they should!  Almost any business can now benefit from having content on YouTube and with features such as Tags and related videos, your video could have a chance of being viewed right next to some of the most popular videos on the site.  If you haven’t done so yet, you need to start considering making YouTube a part of your social media marketing strategy.

Super Media reaches further than just videos however and we discussed other platforms during the reading including Vine and Pinterest.  Vine is the up and coming video service from Twitter that allows user to upload 6 second videos and share them with friends.  While 6 seconds may not sound like a lot, many users have created some truly amazing content in that time and Vine has grown as a result.  In fact, on June 7th of this year, there were more Vine videos posted than posts on Instagram.  Pinterest is another service that allows users to curate their own collection of pictures and photographs (there is a difference!) into different categories and share those collections with friends.  Pinterest creates engagement through content that is clickable and usually will give users more information about the content they are viewing.  This is especially productive and engaging in areas such as Do-It-Yourself and Crafts.  Because users do have a high level of engagement, Pinterest and Vine alike should also be highly considered when making your social media marketing strategy.  Super Media is content on steroids and is being engaged with by more users on more platforms than ever before.  Finally, I mentioned there was a difference between photographs and pictures and wanted to share this video illustrating that point.

Are you a Pinterest or Vine user?  How do you think these services can be helpful in marketing strategy?

Have you viewed a YouTube video on a device other than your PC browser?  Do you think this accessibility of video services could lead to more people “cutting the cord” and replacing cable TV with YouTube and other video services?  Why or why not?


7 thoughts on “Super Media!

  1. I am definitely a Pinterest user, but never, not once, a Vine user.
    Pinterest helps me cultivate a larger brand for The Pink Petticoat. If the brand is romance, then that includes date nights, mood settings, romantic getaways, honeymoons, as well as lingerie. These can all be boards where I pin ideas and inspiration to create that larger brand.

    • That’s awesome that you have managed to create such good themes for your Pinterest boards that tie back to your brand. The great thing that I am finding about Pinterest is that a brand can use the service to display the “lifestyle” associated with their brand. Whole Foods does a good job at this by displaying the “organic” lifestyle in addition to recipes from their products.

  2. Hey Jake,
    I am a Pinterst user and a Vine user, although I have found myself using Vine less due to Instagram’s addition of video. I feel like I have all my friends and followers on Instagram already and it has the same features as Vine, and even let’s you do images. I need to start using Vine more thought knowing the power it has on building brand awareness.
    I don’t think YouTube will ever take out TV in society, at least I hope it doesn’t. I still feel TV has a lot of benefits that YouTube doesn’t, particularly the lack of loading and ability to change channels and record shows with ease. I have used YouTube on other devices and I do enjoy the platform, but I feel it won’t replace TV in our society because it’s just to used.
    Great blog post.

    • Good point. Maybe not YouTube then, but I do think that we will start seeing more and more people cut the cord in the interest of broadband based streaming television. I personally try to use my AppleTV more often because I like the “ecosystem” that Apple has created. Now if we can just get some a la carte content on that thing!

  3. I’m a Pinterest user, though admittedly, not as often as I used to be. I was an early adapter, and have fallen off the wagon in the last few years. I’m realizing that I need to get over the fact that it’s so cool now and get back into it for practical business reasons. (Aren’t conversations with yourself always so much fun?) I have Vine downloaded on my phone, but do not use it– I’m a big fan of Instagram, so I play with their video feature more often. I do however, think that both are really important when it comes to marketing your brand. Having a strategy for both is important in our current day.

    I tend to watch YouTube on my phone more than anything else. I will view on my computer, but my phone is the easier method. I’m not sure if this is because my best friend and I send each other links all the time, but this is usually how it ends up going. I don’t think this cuts the chord for us from physical television providers and other services. I guess I say this being one of those people who will always pay too much for those services– I NEED to know what is going on all the time in my favorite things. All depends on what how you’re looking at it. I think YouTube does a great job of giving you a direct line to your customers.

  4. I am a Pinterest user and I definitely think it can be a great marketing tool if a brand is producing compelling images because it is an image driven site. I also think Vine can be beneficial however I don’t use it because Instagram has video capabilities and I am already following the brands I like and am connected with my friends on Instagram so I haven’t had any use for Vine.

    I typically access YouTube from my iPad. I don’t know if cable TV will ever be fully replace by YouTube and other video services, but I do think it is changing the way networks are delivering their content. Most networks now have apps where their shows can be viewed and in the Los Angeles market and other major markets ABC allows live streaming via their app.

  5. I think I barely watch YouTube on my laptop, most of it is streamed over my pad or phone. Cutting the cord and integrating internet based platforms has been a major push not only for YouTube but for companies like Microsoft and Apple. As most new TV’s are now smart TV’s I think YouTube will be able to capitalize on this expansion of the internet. After all what is better than watching funny cat videos on a large flat screen.

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