In Your Words 4: Hypebeast (cont.)

In Your Words 4: Hypebeast (cont.)


            Last week, I discussed the brand that is Hypebeast and the way that the company keeps it brand consistent through an IMC marketing plan and social media.  Now I would like discuss content dispersal and the way Hypebeast keeps its audience engaged and returning to the web site.  Hypebeat does this utilizing push and pull marketing techniques as well as other social media content and interactions that drive users back to the web site.  With the interesting goal of trying to capitalize and create traffic while being known for their free content, Hypebeast has utilized many techniques that have allowed it to be successful in these aspirations.

            Hypebeast utilizes push and pull techniques to distribute content on a daily basis and tweetallows its users to interact with its brand as much or as little as they would like.  Once a user has followed Hypebeast on Twitter, interact with other users who may have common interests.  This also becomes a pull technique because the shared tweets often pull new potential customers to the Hypebeast web site.  Users also have the opportunity to sign up for an email newsletter and have fresh content pushed to them on a varying basis and even can be specialized to highlight certain categories of products.  Off site, Hypebeast purchases advertising space on web sites related to the content Hypebeast is publishing in the interest of drawing people with similar interests to the Hypebeast store.  Social media plays a large role in the Hypebeast marketing and the features on Facebook for example are also ways

Hypebeast also has many features that help it be successful in driving in new customers and keeping them engaged on the web site.  One way they have done this is by realizing that not all of their customers are browsing Hypebeast from a home PC and are often “on the go” when picstitchtrying to view content.  It is for that reason that Hypebeast also includes a “no frills” mobile version that is simply about the content and is arranged in an easy to use, simple to load format that still allows the company to add accompanying pictures to articles.  Also, Hypebeast’s user forum allows members to go online and interact with people that share the same interests as them.  While this may sound like something that can be done utilizing social media techniques, the forum is actually a crucial addition because users know they are speaking ONLY with people of the same interests rather than hoping some of the Facebook or Twitter friends share an interest.  The forum creates another great reason to return to the Hypebeast web site.  Overall, while being known for its ability to curate content and editorials, Hypebeast has done an excellent job utilizing push and pull marketing techniques and social media interactions that have helped contribute to traffic and make for a successful web store where many of the featured products can be purchased. Hypebeast also utilizes social techniques to pull new users to its site.  By allowing Facebook fans to comment on and “Like” products from the Hypebeast website, Hypebeast automatically has the opportunity to pull in new users simply by allowing its current customers to interact with its content.  All of the product editorials can also be shared on an individual basis by readers with the use of social interaction tools at the bottom of each editorial.  Platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and relative newcomer “The Fancy” are all supported on Hypebeast’s website and allow users to share content that they wish to. new content is pushed daily to them in the form of abbreviated editorials on products and links to purchase items featured on the web site in the Hypebeast web store.  Since the content is pushed in the form of a Tweet, followers are able to comment on products or

However, this is not to say there is not some room for improvement and I do have a couple very minor suggestions for helping Hypebeast improve its brand and continue to grow traffic.  First off, I think Hypebeast could stand to have more of a presence off the of the computer and smart phone screen.  Hypebeast has a very characteristic Black/White contrasting logo and a very interesting name in “Hypebeast.”  Why not put this logo out more on maybe shirts or other products designed to get Hypebeast out in the “physical” world.  Even GQ gives away free t shirts every now and then for new subscriptions.  Secondly, looking towards the future, Hypebeast needs to make sure that it remains current in the way users are able to curate and share their own content from the Hypebeast store. It is never going to be “enough” anymore to just publish good content.  The new age content web site allows users to interact with the content and share it in any way that they want.  Hypebeast does a good job of this now, but with the dynamic nature of social media and content “sharing” in general, Hypebeast needs to make sure they continue to do a good job in this area.


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