Intro to Social Media Week 3 Lecture Response

Lecture Response – Week 3

            The major theme for the lecture this week was content and its importance in building our social media presence.  After Professor Bornstein’s Livestrong example on the importance of content, we were introduced to figures and data that suggest a shift to content management and its importance on social media and in interactions with potential customers.  The most staggering of these statistics for me was the fact that 90% of consumer find custom content to be helpful and that 78% believed that companies that created custom content were interested in building relationships with them.  Basically, by creating good content, we have a better chance of converting our potential customers and creating mutually beneficial relationships with them.  Also, the lecture discussed the importance of taking in content and understanding what good content looks like and how content best impacts the market.

In my personal reflections on content and its importance in social media, I had two interesting examples that arose throughout the week that I thought showed the importance of content.  The first was a part of our social media assignment where we had to pose a question on Facebook about social media and track how much engagement we created.  I posed my question on Thursday morning and asked my followers what they thought the appropriate age was for a child to have their first social media account and if there was a “too young” for social media.  I thought the question was a particularly relevant question and was shocked to see that I did not get any responses as of the time I am writing this (it is exactly 10:44 AM on Friday).  In my reflections, I realized that timing is everything and think that may have been where I slipped on this social experiment.  In scrolling my time line, I realized many other students had already posed their questions and even had completed engaging dialogues with fellow classmates.  I just think I barely “missed the boat” on this one and learned a great lesson on the importance of timing when it comes to content. 

My second personal example is on a separate personal Twitter account that I set up recently with the specific goal of gaining completely random followers.  After watching the newest episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I felt compelled to Tweet how much I enjoyed that particular episode.  In my reflections on building content, I first thought the best way to create engagement on this tweet would be to add hashtags, and proceeded to look up the hashtag that was most commonly used when discussing the show (#sunnyFXX).  So I started a tweet that gave my positive review of the show and realized I should try to add better content.  Therefore, I added a link to the tweet that would allow my followers to find out what channel Always Sunny was on for them as it had recently moved to a sister network of FX.  My thoughts were that this tweet would now be engaging, informative, and personal as I could still include my thoughts on the show.  We will see how it works out for me.  

(not sure why I forgot to post this to my blog last week)


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