In Your Words 3: Hypebeast

In Your Words 3: Hypebeast


As I have grown professionally, I have gotten away from some of the aspects of culture that I used to enjoy engaging in and reading about.  The time that I used to have available for digging into the internet and learning more about art, music, movies, and even fashion has been replaced with professional obligations and deadlines.  Hypebeast, an online magazine and web store for fashion and culture, has allowed me to remain current on these topics through its ability to put content in convenient places.  Further, with the addition of an online store, Hypebeast allows me to conveniently purchase items from their website without having to search the internet for often limited releases.  Finally, Hypebeast has forums that allow me to discuss some of my favorite topics from the website with others who share similar interests.

Hypebeast, above all else is convenient.  Where previously I would stumble around the internet looking for content that was of interest to me in these areas, Hypebeast has collected materials from many different facets of culture and publishes them in a rapid fire manner that allows the reader to feed content to many different platforms.  For example, one of my favorite iOS applications is “Pulse,” a user curated RSS reader of sorts that allows the user to add sources for just about any website that pushes fresh content on a daily basis almost like a Twitter feed ofphoto sorts.  By adding Hypebeast to my Pulse feed, I am distributed new articles when they are published to all of my devices and even to a browser logged into Pulse (shown in the image on my iPhone).  Further, I can follow Hypebeast’s Twitter account as another way to get fresh content.  By following Hypebeast on Twitter, the user still gets to feel the experience of the magazine because fresh content is pushed to the Twitter account when it is published.  Hypebeast also has a Facebook account that once liked, pushes fresh content from the magazine but also has different photo collections of products available on their web store (described later).  Users can discuss content from the Hypebeast site on Facebook without having to browse to the actual site.  Hypebeast also features a Pinterest account, as well as an Instagram; all of which utilize the consistent font and logo that has become synonymous with the Hypebeast brand.

Hypebeast is a brand worth highlighting because they have found a way to sell products photo2while still being known as a distributor of information first.  The Hypebeast online store offers many of the brands and items featured in the magazine and allows users the convenience of being able to purchase items they enjoyed reading about right from the same page they were using to read.  Despite the convenience, the online store never feels forced on the user, seen typically as a bonus of convenience when an item is actually offered on the Hypebeast store as opposed to having to browse to a third party site.  The site is intuitive for navigation and allows the user to sort items based on many different criteria.  By having a magazine as the front for a store, Hypebeast makes their advertisements less annoying than other brands while browsing non-Hypebeast sites.  For example, when I am discussing music on a forum for hip-hop fans, I often see Hypbeast banners that feature the company’s iconic Black/White square font which begins to become recognizable after visits to the site.  These banners often highlight a product currently featured on the webstore and while I may not always be interested in the product being highlighted, because the signange for Hypebeast is consistent, I am often reminded by these banners to go and visit the Hypebeast site.  Also, Hypebeast often advertises in actual magazines that share similar interests.  GQ for example, is a magazine that I have seen Hypebeast advertise in and through their use of consistent signage, I am reminded of why I browse Hypebeast and the experience associated with it.


            Finally Hypebeast is a brand that encourages engagement from its users.  All of the articlesphoto3 posted on Hypebeast allow users to comment and give their thoughts on materials published by Hypebeast.  Though opinions should be read with a grain of salt, it still is nice to be able to discuss culture and fashion with others who share similar interests.  Hypebeast takes this ability further with their online forums.  There, users can discuss content from the magazine or discuss any elements of culture and fashion that they wish with other users.  The forums are the very personal side of Hypebeast and allow users to create their own personality and share their likes and dislikes with others.  Overall, Hypebeast is the new interactive magazine for the “post-print” consumer and an overall great brand for its ability to deliver convenient content and engage users while still being able to sell a product.


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