First Blog Post – Intro to Social Media

Hello!  My name is Thomas “Jake” Stresen-Reuter and this is officially my first blog post for my Master’s Program in Mass Communication with a specialization in Social Media from the University of Florida.  I am currently in the process of setting up my social media accounts and already have a lot to say on the ease of use for some of these sites and how it could help or hurt their business.  LinkedIn, for example, has been the least intuitive of my experiences with these sites and so far I am not thrilled about their services.  Having already listened to the first lecture this week for the course, I can tell I am really going to enjoy the program.  The first element from the lecture that I felt compelled to comment on was social media addiction and whether or not it is a problem.  I personally don’t feel it is a problem, but have had to personally modify some of my own behaviors for fear of beginning an addiction on social media.   Overall, I’m really looking forward to the program and working with my fellow classmates.  The photo I have included is a mural I found from one of my favorite street artists, Aaron Martin or “Angry Woebots.”  Hope you enjoy!




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